Lake L'Homme Dieu Association

Ginny Green Autumn Tree Foreground 10-19
Ginny Green Deep Pink Sunrise 2018

Photos Courtesy of Ginny Green



Our mission is to protect and enhance the water quality and environment of Lake L’Homme Dieu.

Lake L’ Homme Dieu wishes you a happy, healthy, and safe Labor Day!

By brd2 | September 7, 2020
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Lake L’ Homme Dieu Wishes You A Happy, Healthy and Safe Independence Day!

By brd2 | July 4, 2020
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Lights Installed On Bridge Channel

By brd2 | July 3, 2020

We now have lights on both sides of the bridge channel connecting L’ Homme Dieu and Carlos, just in time for the Independence Day weekend! The first picture was taken from a pontoon at 10:12 p.m.  The white light is a boat approaching the bridge from the west.

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While honoring and remembering our heroes in service, Lake L’ Homme Dieu Association wishes you a safe and healthy Memorial Day!

By brd2 | May 25, 2020
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Lake L’ Homme Dieu Association Association Wishes You A Happy, Healthy, And Safe New Year!

By brd2 | December 31, 2019
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SOS! Lost And Found!

By brd2 | November 5, 2019

  SOS! Lake L’ Homme Dieu Association (LLHDA) was contacted last week by a resident on the south shore of the lake that had discovered this kayak washed up on their shoreline last month. We would love to find the owner! Please help and talk to your neighbors, friends and guests to see if we…

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