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Our overall Lake Management Goals currently are:

  • Improve development and management practices of lakeshore and watershed property owners.
  • To sustain and enhance fishery productivity, and improve the environmental qualities and aesthetics of each lakeshore and watershed
  • To enhance the quality of life of each resident of and visitor to the lake and watershed.

Specific individual goals are:

  • Keep all known exotic species from becoming established in Lake L’Homme Dieu
  • Help to develop and support a comprehensive waste management plan for the Alexandria Lake Region that maintains and restores high water quality for both surface and groundwater resources.
  • Maintain and improve the present water-quality monitoring program of the lakes system.
  • Reduce the quantity and improve the quality of water runoff from parcels already developed within the watershed.
  • Eliminate increases in runoff associated with new residential construction within the watershed.
  • Minimize the runoff of sediment and nutrients from road systems into waters and streams and use road right-of-way as a nutrient management system for existing development. Keep the roads surrounding the lake clean.
  • Limit the development of large feedlots and extensive irrigated agriculture in the immediate watersheds of the major lakes to preserve water quality and reduce land use conflicts.
  • To decrease the amount of runoff from agricultural uses within the lake oriented watersheds and to decrease the nutrient loading associated with agricultural runoff.
  • The lake ecological resource is the key to water-based recreation and should be protected, for use by present and future generations. Native aquatic vegetation and natural shoreline areas must be preserved.
  • Douglas County lakes should be managed for the greatest number of users and each user should be provided with an enjoyable experience.
  • Develop an area wide recreation plan that integrates the lake resource into an overall plan…
  • Develop a lake region fish management plan that considers all options for fish management…
  • Participation in public and Institutional management at the lake, township, city and state is essential.