Walleyes in Lake L’ Homme Dieu have very limited reproduction because of poor quality spawning areas.  The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has been stocking walleye in our lake for more than thirty years.  Since 2008, our Lake L’ Homme Dieu Association, working with the Viking Sportsmen Club, has been allowed to match the annual DNR numbers; essentially doubling the number of walleyes stocked.  This effort has been successful in increasing our walleye population based on fishing reports and DNR test nettings.


Unfortunately, the growth rate of walleyes and other fish in Lake L’ Homme Dieu has declined in recent years.   (See the accompanying graph)  Because of this, the DNR did their usual stocking, but did not allow our additional stocking this year.

Walleye Stocking Graphs 16

We do not not have answers to the slower growth rate, but we know that this is happening in many Minnesota lakes.  The DNR will continue to monitor and study this issue.

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